Global Youth Summit


9-11 August, 2019 - Steiger International Center, Germany

Join church and mission leaders, and people from Europe and beyond, to tackle the question of how to reach the Global Youth Culture for Jesus.

This unique, festival-style conference is sure to inspire, energize, and equip you.

Impactful teaching sessions will give crucial insights about the globalized culture we live in. You will be equipped with principles and models (art, music, apologetics, digital, street, etc.) for relevantly sharing Jesus and making disciples among young people who would not usually walk into a church. Intense times of prayer, worship, and community will provide opportunities to connect and unite with Kingdom-minded people from all over the world.


Awakening Europe
Josiah Venture
Revive Europe
Luis Palau Association UK
The Message UK
New Generation Alliance
Lausanne Movement
Dresden International Church
Europe Shall Be Saved
Global Outreach Day
Make Jesus Known
SLOT Art Festival

The Global Youth Culture

The emerging Global Youth Culture, connected by consumerism, social media, and the entertainment industry, forms the largest global culture ever to exist. It spans the world, embracing the same values, listening to the same music, subscribing to the same YouTube channels, and following the same influencers on social media.

The Global Youth Culture is largely influenced by one predominant worldview – Secular Humanism – which affirms that God is irrelevant and man is at the center. In this relativistic culture, we are god and consumerism is our religion. Young people see the Church as irrelevant to their day-to-day life: a dead, empty tradition of the past. As a result, a cultural divide exists between the secular youth culture and the Church.

As followers of Jesus, it’s clear that we need to respond. Participate in the Global Youth Summit and discover how.


Friday, August 9
15:00 Arrival, Registration
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Conference Opening
19:10 Worship
19:40 Steiger Moment
19:50 Keynote Speaker: Luke Greenwood (Steiger Europe)
20:15 Keynote Speaker: Stefan Hänsch (ICF Berlin)
20:45 Worship
21:00 “Curse of the Vampire” Orchestra (Philip Shorey)
22:00 Prayer/worship
Saturday, August 10
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Worship
9:30 Bible exposition: Sandro Baggio (Steiger Brasil)
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30 Seminar 1
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Seminar 2
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Workshop 1
15:15 Coffee Break
15:30 Workshop 2
16:15 Coffee Break
16:30 Panel Key Issues in Reaching the GYC with David Pierce, Stefan Hänsch, Ben Fitzgerald, Ben Jack, Angela Tkachenko, and Evi Rodemann
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Opening session
19:10 Worship
19:40 Steiger Moment
19:50 Keynote Speaker: Ben Fitzgerald (Awakening Europe)
20:15 Keynote Speaker: David Pierce (Steiger Founder)
20:45 Worship
21:00 No Longer Music concert
22:00 Afterparty with Watchman featuring Renan Samam and Metanoia
Sunday, August 11
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Worship
9:10 Bible exposition: Sandro Baggio (Steiger Brasil)
9:40 Worship
10:10 Keynote Speaker: Aaron Pierce (Steiger International)
10:40 Worship
10:50 Prayer for GYC around the world
11:30 Steiger Moment: Get Involved!
12:00 Closing
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Stefan Hänsch

Stefan Hänsch

Stefan Hänsch has a heart for Eastern Europe and is a passionate communicator, who naturally creates a positive atmosphere through his outgoing and straightforward personality.

Stefan served as a youth worker in Berlin/Brandenburg for several years, connecting youth groups and gaining experience in transregional work with various churches. In 2004, he and his wife founded ICF Berlin, following the Swiss ICF model. They started meeting in a living room and grew into a vibrant church with several locations in the city of Berlin. In 2014, he shifted his orientation towards Eastern Europe. As the director of a non-profit company based in Germany called Vision East (Vision Ost), he oversees several social projects in Russia, while also functioning as a coach for pastors.
Ben Fitzgerald

Ben Fitzgerald

Originally from Melbourne, Australia Ben met Jesus in an encounter that deeply changed him late in 2002 whilst he was very broken and dealing drugs. Since then Ben has lived passionately about one thing: Showing the world Jesus in everyday life and taking the Good News of the Kingdom to the Nations. For several years he served as a pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California and is now the Director of Awakening Europe. He has a deep conviction that the Nations of this earth will be transformed by radical believers living free and proclaiming Jesus boldly.

“The time for shining the light of Jesus is now! As the church we will never change history from our armchairs at home”
David Pierce

David Pierce

David Pierce is the founder of Steiger International. He is a gifted proclamation evangelistic, dynamic speaker and visionary.

In the early 1980s David Pierce started a Bible study on a barge behind Central Station in Amsterdam, reaching disenfranchised young people of that city. It was there that David started a band called "No Longer Music" (NLM) as a tool to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to young people who would never step foot into a church.

Since then, David has taken the message of Jesus to some of "the darkest corners of society", including closed Islamic countries, terrorist clubs, squatter villages, anarchy festivals, brothels, junkie joints, punk & goth music festivals, Satanist clubs and New Age gatherings. Each year, David preaches in churches, conferences, and universities all around the world opening opportunities for Christians to commit their lives to reaching the lost.
Aaron Pierce

Aaron Pierce

Aaron Pierce is the Executive Director of Steiger International, a worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. He also co-leads the Lausanne Movement’s new initiative on Global Secularization.

As a missionary kid, Aaron grew up in the center of Amsterdam, where he saw first-hand the transformational power of God in the lives of many lost and hopeless people. Aaron was a member of the evangelistic rock band No Longer Music from 2005 to 2011, preaching the Gospel all over Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Today, Aaron oversees Steiger International’s strategic direction, continues to participate in evangelistic tours around the world, teaches at Steiger training events, develops new ministry partnerships and more.
Luke Greenwood

Luke Greenwood

Luke's passion is in evangelism and discipleship among alternative scenes of the global youth culture. Luke and his wife Ania and two children currently live in Wrocław, Poland.

Previously, Luke worked with Steiger Brazil guiding a Brazilian version of No Longer Music, the community house "Espaco Coletivo" and a movement of evangelistic art and music events called Manifeste. His vision for Steiger in Europe is to see Jesus proclaimed to young people all over the continent, and to establish dynamic missionary teams reaching the global youth culture and developing long-term presence. In addition to such projects, Luke often speaks sharing the vision of Steiger in churches and conferences and teaches each year at the Steiger Missions School on the topics of evangelism and discipleship, and seminaries around the globe.
Sandro Baggio

Sandro Baggio

Sandro is a Steiger International missionary, serving at Projeto 242 as a mentor pastor. Graduated in Theology in 1998 with an emphasis in Missiology at SEMITE-RJ, he has also served as a missionary at Operation Mobilization in Europe aboard the Logos II ship. He teaches Church Planting, Humble Apologetics, and Missiology for a Liquid World.

Panel Speakers

  • Evi Rodemann (European Youth Ministry Network, Lausanne YLGen)
  • Angela Tkachenko (Steiger)
  • Ben Jack (The Message).


  • Reaching Secularized Global Youth
  • Making Disciples in the Global Youth Culture
  • Seeking God at the Steiger Mission School
  • Kill Your Art - Provoke and Inspire
  • Unlocking the Message of the Bible
  • Bringing Kingdom (not "Professional") Christianity
  • Social Media: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Churches for the Next Generation
  • Events with an Impact
  • Bible Teaching Evangelism
  • Reaching the Secular Scene in Berlin


  • Dance
  • Theatre Techniques
  • Film/Interviews
  • Music Production
  • Live Painting
  • Generation Z
  • Global Video Culture
  • Sharing your Testimony in 10 minutes
  • Sharing Jesus Through Art
  • Creative Street Evangelism
  • Jesus Attitude, in visual and fine arts





This is a free event, but all attendees must register and purchase the €30 weekend meal plan.


  • There are options in Meissen, a city 15 minutes drive from the Steiger International Center (SIC). Airbnb also has a number of listings in the surrounding area.
  • Participants are responsible for their own housing arrangements.
  • Camping is available in the park adjacent to the SIC property.
  • All campers must reserve in advance and bring their own equipment.
  • Portable toilets, along with the SIC’s toilets and showers, will be available for use.
  • We do NOT provide transportation.
  • The train from Dresden to Meissen leaves from both the Central Station and Neustadt stations. The ticket is valid for 2 hours of travel, including the bus trip from Meissen to Krögis.
  • From Meissen train/bus station, take bus #412 or #422 to Krögis, getting off at the Am Park stop, which is at the edge of the SIC's facility!


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