NLM Tour Report 2018
NLM in Ukraine
The 2018 No Longer Music tour brought us from West Germany to Southern Albania, all the way to Eastern Ukraine, and everywhere in between as we shared the love of Jesus with the people of Europe and saw hundreds if not thousands come to know him!

Everywhere we went we saw God moving in powerful ways

We couldn’t have done it without your faithful support! Thank you!

Tour Statistics:

Crowd total: 46,500
Shows total: 51
Countries total: 5

NLM in Albania
NLM in Albania

Albania - Preaching On National Television

Upon arriving in Albania after two days of driving from Germany, we headed to a local TV station in Tirana for an interview on a popular late night program.

Being one of many guests on the show, when came time to talk with the host about our band and its mission, it was clear he was surprised to hear the Gospel explained in a non-religious way. He then spent the next ten minutes asking Ben one hard question after another: Is heaven real? Is abortion a uniquely bad sin? What do you think of the pope? Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Ben said, “It was clear that he was trying to corner me and make me look bad. Again, I felt the Holy Spirit with me, guiding my answers and allowing me to respond relevantly and boldly.”

When the interview was over, the team was exhausted but extremely grateful for the opportunity. Sabri said, “A million people could have heard the Gospel because of this interview!”

22 Shows - 22 Cities
With the number of shows and their locations, we were nearly able to reach the entire country.

Early on in the tour, we talked with a guy who said he had wanted to go to the city of Tirana for a different concert, but for some reason stayed for our show instead. During the performance he said he wanted to leave, but that “his feet didn’t want to go.” He gave us his contact info and raised his hand when David prayed from the stage, commenting that he now felt joy in his heart.”

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that we had inadvertently scheduled our tour to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Nevertheless we had positive results from our concerts, obtaining the contact details of approximately one thousand five hundred Albanians, who were interested in being followed up with through a Bible correspondence course. This was three times the amount we received after the previous tour of this beautiful country.
NLM in Germany

Germany - Protest Tour

Another noteworthy example was being able to perform 6 concerts in Germany, several of which were in city centers including Berlin and Hamburg. The concerts were registered as official ‘protests’, giving us access to locations in which permissions were virtually impossible to obtain.

In Annaburg (pictured above), our drummer Isaac had talked to a sixteen-year-old guy who was deeply impacted by the show. When David had preached, he told the crowd very clearly that no one there was an accident. This young guy said that his mom always told him he was an accident. Isaac encouraged him and reminded him again that he wasn't, that God had created him for a purpose and loved him. He said he felt like he had experienced God through our show, and when Isaac prayed for him, he was almost in tears.

In many instances, people were visibly shaking and sometimes crying because they were so touched by the Holy Spirit. The local churches we worked with, which all held follow-up meetings in the days following our shows, were extremely encouraged and want to do things on an even a bigger scale next year.
NLM in Hungary

Hungary - Preaching In Partyland

We had three concerts in the country of Hungary. Two of which were in the perpetual bachelor party that is Budapest.

One the second night we had an amazing location secured, fantastic local church involved, and we're excited for what was to come. There was only one problem - rain. And after the first few songs of our show, it began to pour.

Though an initial annoyance to us, we accepted the rain and continued to perform, along with the crowd who continued to enjoy the show - dancing and shouting. It was a great concert, until the rain leaked into, and killed our generator causing us to lose power.

David spoke to the crowd and gathered them next to some shops nearby with some cover, and with the help of a translator began to preach. Despite the show being stopped, people responded to the gospel, and prayed to receive Jesus!

Months later we received news that one of the guys that responded had been attending the local church and was planning to be baptized. Though one could argue (thanks to the weather) that had already happened at the concert! :)
NLM in Poland

Poland - Continuing The Legacy

Since 1987, No Longer Music has been able to conduct evangelistic tours in Poland. Now some 31 years later, we’ve continued to return year after year, proclaiming the message of intimacy with the Christ that for the most part, they believe they already understand.

Almost everywhere we played, local government officials took the time to meet us and were very thankful that we had brought our show to their city. In the city of Bielawa for example, the mayor met with the members of No Longer Music, some people from the Steiger Poland team and the local church for a time of prayer the next morning after the concert. He was so grateful that we had come to share the Gospel with the young people there.

We love Poland, and are excited to continue the legacy that God started decades ago!
NLM in Ukraine
NLM in Ukraine

Ukraine - Revival In Eastern Europe

It’s no stretch to say that what Ukraine is experiencing is a revival sweeping the country, especially among its young people.

In cooperation with our local Kiev-based Steiger team, we set up an 8-concert tour.
It was an amazing time. Every concert having thousands in attendance, with the largest reaching 4,500.

18,200 people heard the gospel on this section of the tour alone!

After a show, Ben spoke with two guys - both named Andrew. They were highly educated and spoke English fluently. He shared how God was angry about the injustice in Ukraine, and that we had come from all over the world to share that Jesus came to bring hope and forgiveness. I felt God moving powerfully, and I was able to pray for both guys. They promised to seek God on their own and ask that He would reveal Himself to them.

We also spoke with a girl who was crying while David was preaching and asked her if she prayed to receive Jesus. She said she had. She explained how before our show, she’d had a religious understanding of God - that it was about rules and rituals - but when David shared what Jesus did for her, she felt something different.

She was encouraged to talk to God when she got home and to ask Him what her decision had meant; that He wanted to know her in a personal way.

Thank you to all who supported us!

We could not have done it all without you!

All in the all, the summer was characterized by God moving in incredible ways, with thousands hearing the gospel and hundreds making decisions to follow Jesus.

- The 2018 NLM Team

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